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A letter from an aspiring Haridas:

Hare Krishna respected devotees,


This project has manifested by the divine order of his Grace, our beloved Gurudeva Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja and was originally inspired by Bimbasya dasa and H.H Dyutidhara Maharaja, two very significant devotees and sources of inspiration in my spiritual journey.


This project has three different branches, a Gurukula, a Retirement Ashram, and Book Publishing




Our newest project is supporting and assisting Gurudeva’s first Gurukula in Nabadwipa. Here, the fortunate children of Nadia are given the “Golden” opportunity to become Krsna Conscious, while simultaneously receiving a badly needed education.


Although the Indian government offers free basic education, students are still expected to pay for school supplies, school lunches, and other miscellaneous things such as school functions. Because of this, many children are unable to attend. For such children, this school is free.


This school was envisioned ten years ago by Nitai Pran and Dalia dasi, and finally manifested nine months ago through the funding of Devananda dasa. It is a project that has made Srila Gurudeva weep with joy and it is his desire that it grow into a ‘big’ part of his world-wide sanga projects. 


Currently we have thirty four students to date and growing with at least two hundred applicants in line.  


We offer many classes which are not offered in the state schools such as english and computer classes. Although these classes are available in India, they are inaccessible to the poor since they would require a student to attend an expensive private school, or hire a private tutor. In addition, it is our vision to teach other practical techniques to the children such as cooking, agriculture, construction and sewing. With these skills, the children would have a practical skill set to fall back on for their basic sustenance. Most importantly, we aim to give the children a strong foundation in spiritual life by involving them daily in bhajans, deity worship, naga sankirtana, prasadam seva, and Gaudia Vaisnava philosophy.


We have the facilities and infrastructure to handle one hundred plus students...but no funds!


Devananda dasa who funded the school for the first six months can no longer do so, so currently it is being maintained by Dyutidhara dham’s servant of the servant of the Vaishnavas, this aspiring Haridas. I need help as the financial load is getting too heavy to carry by myself.  It is also Gurudeva’s personal order to me to appeal to our world-wide sanga to get involved. 


Please help us. We need your prayers and please, your financial help.


To support the Nabadwip gurukula:

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Or... if you would like a tax-exempt receipt for your donation please contact Abhirama das at

He will send you an alternate method of making the donation as well as your receipt.


For more information on the school, please visit our website at:



Retirement Ashram:

Dyutidhara dham: 

 The Golden Effulgence of Lord Gauranga.

Located in Nabadwipa Dhama, Nadia, West Bengal.

Five minutes from the train station,

Ten minutes to Sri Keshabji Gaudiya Matha.


We offer those seeking refuge in Lord Gaurasundara’s Holy Dhama, a small twelve room ashram, with a most magnificent deity of Sacinandana Gaurahari.  This most munificent form of Gaurahari is most lovingly cared for by Naba dasi, Srila Gurudeva’s Godsister whom he treats as a beloved daughter.


This project, created as a refuge for those dedicated servants of our Guru parampara, began fifteen years ago as a vision.  My vartma pradarsaka guru, Bimbasya dasa, told me to serve “Prabhupada’s ‘ol warriors”, the devotees who gave of their youth to spread the message of Krsna Consciousness.  It was through his inspiration and the desire of our beloved Srila Gurudeva that Dyutidhara dham manifested six years ago.


At Dyutidhara Dham, we serve the local village dhama vasis, mostly children, 300 meals twice a week while providing a medical dispensary and soon to be free ambulance service. A lot of people die because they can’t afford an ambulance or any means of getting them to hospital or even a doctor.



Book Publishing:


An offshoot of these endeavours is Dyutidhara dham Publications: an outreach program formed to translate, print, and distribute Gurudeva’s books into Bangla. We would like to impart to our students the value of study, learning, and distributing Srila Gurudeva’s transcendental literature as part of the their education and our Krishna culture.



Contact Us:

For all information regarding these projects, please contact:


Hari dasa:



  Canada -  403-934-4075,

 India - 011-91-9233544175. or 9932944055


Dhanvantari dasa:


 Phone:  Canada - (604) 703 - 6613

 Dhanvantari & Jayashri



Thank You 

Hare Krishna

Jaya Srila Gurudeva!

Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

Hari Bol! from Nabadwip Dham!

Hare Krsna Respected Devotees, This is our very first attempt at something like this so, please be patient and bear with us as we learn the ropes....... any questions that you amy have for us please feel free to contact either Haridasa prabhu at; or Damodara das at: We are a very small Mandir two minutes walking from the train station in Nabadwip Dham.

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