Education & Cultural-Translation

Creating learning opportunities that inspire a broad social understanding and acceptance of the universal principles of the Bhakti wisdom tradition.

Our mission is to promote education of the universal wisdom principles of Bhakti and the Vedas. Our aim is to achieve an effective, easy-to-understand, ‘cultural-translation’ of those principles for the practical and tangible benefit of society at large. This involves the creation of courses, lectures, and written material that can be delivered via various media, especially the internet. Our target audience is the general public. Another aim is to provide support, education and training to devotees on how to use our material to better present themselves and the philosophy to the modern world. We are especially interested in working with young devotees who are looking for effective ways of making the philosophy accessible and attractive to their peers. We are working closely with the Florida Vedic College, which is accredited by the state of Florida as a religious educational institution, to offer devotees and the public a chance to study the Vedic arts, philosophy and science. The college offers recognised degree programmes in subjects such as Vaishnava studies, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vaastu, Servant-led Leadership, and Sustainable Business. In support of the above we are also working with the Cranmore Foundation, a non-profit educational charitable trust registered in England & Wales, to promote the study of the universal principles found in all wisdom traditions and which are also found in the Vedas. The foundation is working with mainstream universities, corporations and policy makers to educate on how universal wisdom principles can help create a more sustainable vital society. Lastly, our hope to contribute to the development of an active, valued and empowered lay organisation. This means helping our young people get the education they need to live successfully ‘in the world, but not be of it’.

Our Needs

* Cooperative links to like-minded individuals, organisations, educational institutions and foundations; * Participation from experienced devotees who understand our aims; * Blessings and contribution of original ideas from well-wishers.

How You can Participate

We invite the following persons to contact us for more information: * Teachers of the Vedic arts, sciences and philosophy - to create and teach online courses; * Researchers, Writers & Designers; * Students interested to study and participate in creating courses; * People interested in helping to develop the stated aims of the group; * Young devotees who would like to find creative ways of presenting the philosophy

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Bhudhara das
Created: Mar 11 2010