Murwillumbah Garden Ashram

Ashram in Murwillumbah, NSW Australia

We desire to create a beautiful ashram with fruit trees, flower bushes, vegetable gardens, temple seva, prasada seva, tulasi seva, Hari Guru Vaisnavas seva.


VISION MEETING  January 2010

 Discuss our shared values, shared vision and shared commitment to serving Srila Gurudeva together. This meeting is NOT in connection with any particular project, but will serve to establish and develop a mood of working together in service to our beloved Srila Gurudeva.
In the words of Bhaktivedanta Vaikhanas Maharaja, "Srila Gurudeva has told us time and again in Bangalore that if we do not have proper relationships with one another and are simply engaged in fighting, then we might as well close the math and go elsewhere.  In other words, our success is not measured by money and buildings, but how we are developing the spiritual bonds of love for one another in our service to Sri Guru and Gauranga. He measures our success by how we are practically acquiring the qualities of a real devotee."


Our Needs

A loving devotional environment in which to flourish

How You can Participate

By loving devotional service. Jaya Sri Radhe

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Candrakala Dasi
Created: May 12 2010