Temple of Sri Sri Radha-Gopinath and Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabh at the banks of the holy Yamuna River

Situated at one of the world’s most transcendent locations – at the banks of the holy Yamuna River as our front yard, and next to both Imli-tala and Shringar-vat (which all provide the scene for Radha and Krsna's confidential pastimes) – is Gopinath Bhavan, the temple of Sri Sri Radha-Gopinath and Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  Here in Gopinath Bhavan, by the express desire of our Srila Gurudeva, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, and by the shower of his mercy, the Gopinath Bhavan Ladies Ashram was established in November 2008.The ashram facility was kindly arranged by Sripad Gopinath prabhu and Tungavidya dasi, who, under Srila Gurudeva’s order and guidance, took charge of the entire manifestation of the Gopinath Bhavan Complex.

Hari-katha in Gopinath Bhavan

The ashram presents its members unique opportunities to learn and share the philosophy, culture and lifestyle of devotion in an ideal spiritual atmosphere. The ashram provides a full day’s program of devotional activities, including regular classes, aratis, bhajanas, kirtanas, prasada seva, and various ways to offer services. One of the distinguishing features of the ashram is its wide variety of devotional training. For example, it provides assistance in learning Hindi, Bengali, playing mrdanga, making jewelry for Deities, Deity worship, cooking, book distribution, and learning and speaking the Vedic philosophy.

The devotees sees sharing and building Vaisnava-relationships as one of the main aspects in the individual development of the ashram’s members. Within the ashram live senior devotees ready to offer their guidance to the aspiring spiritual seekers. The members take part in the activities of the ashram in various levels, depending on their own life situation and personal needs/requirements.

A major opulence of the ashram is that its members serve not only the spiritual needs of the residents of Vrndavana and India, but the world as well. Many of its members are stalwart servants of Srila Gurudeva’s GVP, Gaudiya Vedanta Publications. They translate, edit, proofread, design, decorate with paintings, do the legal work, publish, and archive his books in English, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, and French. The sanga’s Harikatha team also resides in Gopinath Bhavan, from where, through the internet, Srila Gurudeva’s lectures and movies enter the homes of tens of thousands of people throughout the world, every few days. Also, here at Gopinath Bhavan, thousands of audio cassette tapes of Srila Gurudeva’s lectures, given over the last 15 years, are being digitalized and uploaded to for international transcendental education.

Vrndavana Book Distribution

The members of the Gopinath Bhavan Ladies Ashram also distribute English and Hindi books throughout Vrndavana and Delhi and other cities in India. On occasion, they also provide  opportunities for free book distribution in India’s various cities. They perform nagar sankirtana, and preach at school and colleges, wherein they engage entire assemblies of thousands of students in chanting and dancing, and in hearing the Krsna conscious philosophy.

Another unique feature of this ashram is that it not only includes the women directly living in the building of Gopinath Bhavan, but also ladies in neighboring houses. Some of the ladies living outside Gopinath Bhavan are leaders in the various above-mentioned Thakurji-seva, publication, book distribution, and preaching programs.


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Our Needs

NEEDS: 1. More ladies who are enthusiastic to train, and who want to live in the most auspicious place in the universe for performing hari-bhajana, and more ladies who are enthusiastic to be trained in the above-mentioned services. We desperately need a

How You can Participate

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: If you can fulfill the above-mentioned needs that would be great. Or

Ladies Ashram Darsan in Govardhana with Srila Gurudeva

The other day (March 20th), we had darsan with Srila Gurudeva in his room in Govardhana. We gave Gurudeva a report and money from book distribution from Gopinath Bhavan the past few months. One party went to Sikkhim a couple of months ago and another went to Haridwar. Some girls also had questions such as changing the name to Visnupriya Ashram. Gurudeva is so practical. He said to leave it as Gopinath Bhavan Ladies Ashram - then everyone will know who we are as they know Gopinath Bhavan.


Christmas gave us a great excuse to get all the ladies together and go on a boat ride on Yamuna-devi. We sang for almost 2 hours and offered our ghee wicks and hearts to Yamuna-devi, who can purify us of our sins.

During the busyness of our day - sometimes we don't stop and talk to others or even see each other, so the boat ride was a wonderful way to bond as sisters.

A report by Sulata dasi

Written by Sulata dasi

Over the years many girls have voiced a desire to start an ashram in Vrindavan, which would provide a safe haven for ladies to do bhajana, study sastra, and learn how to give class, amongst other activities.

About two years ago, a couple of generous devotees kindly lent their rooms in Gopinath Bhavan for this very purpose. When Sri Radha Gopinatha were installed, They became the center of life in the ashram and mercifully gave the devotees the chance to serve Them in many ways.

Ashrama Experiences

Jai Sri dasi from Kentucky - "Living in the ashram allows me to feel that I am intimately service Srila Gurudeva and not being absorbed in the distractions outside the ashram. I've had the opportunity to learn more than I ever have before.

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