Hearty Blessing a Newsletter for the UK

The idea is, to create a newsletter to stay in touch, informing encouraging each other about the various projects/events/happenings in the UK Yatra.

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How You can Participate

The First Hearty Blessing Newsletter UK is scheduled for 20th April 2010. It will arrive via PDF file like the Harmonist and we need your local news by the 10th of every month. The news can be about new or existing projects or devotees personal articles, prasadam recipes, about new devotees just arrived, special experiences, your poems or Krishna Conscious website, or may be even how you defeated a mayavadi and turned him into a devotee:-) But the over all theme is to encourage, enthuse and inform each other about what we are doing in our part of the country and to stay in touch.

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Created: Mar 20 2010