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Hong Kong temple is alive and rapidly growing, experimenting with Public Catering as prasadam distribution.

Srila Gurudev's Nandananda Prabhu and his wife Madhavi Didi occupy the flat next door to the temple. This  convenience inspired him to advertise in local magazines. Repoters photographed our venue. Nandan prabhu gave a wonderful interview. When it appeared in their column there was little idea how quickly it was to capture the imagination of the populace.

Nandan's livelihood as founder of  Society For Hong Kong Yoga Instructors  since 2000 has offered personal relationships with many quality members of Hong Kongs professional class, college students, labor force and elders. The training focuses on physical posture, balancing / regulating diet and sensitivity to emotional wellness. He is quite respected and revered by many Yoga teachers who've participated in his courses, received diploma & gov't certification by him and became successful studio owners. They are grateful for his guidence and encouragement  Everything that had been formulating from early years has now come to bare fruit...!



Returning from 2009 Braj Mandal Parikram, I prepared to assist Nandan in a major promotional catering project. A troope of Shoulin Monks reserved the Hong Kong Collesium for 5 days. They are currently touring the world. The performance is astonishing. We catered the event. This means transporting 3 meals of 6-7 preperations daily, serving prasad to the 40 monks and 25 staff, cleaning-up, purchasing, etc. It was a monumental success, establishing high acclaims for our reputation. (photos soon coming).


Dec. 24 2009, returning from one month in Philippines, I am offered the opportunity to share the recipes and cooking skills. Making traditonal spring rolls, Chinese dumplings as well as cultural fusion is very challenging. The bookings are expertly arranged by Madhavi Didi. Anuradha Didi (Hong Kong) provides steady support in cut-up and serve-out.


We are giving Harikatha and kirtan following each meal and the Chinese & English books are received by the eager clientel. As the last person leaves each meal we are feeling very confident that Srila Gurudev is providing results and engaging us in promoting the mission of Sri Sacinandana, Gaurahari.  


We have served banquetes of 30, a local senator, entertainment celebraties, resturaunt owners and many others, weekly averaging 150-200. One must have desire to cooperate in a service mood. I am born in the darkest ignorance but my spiritual master is forcing open my eyes by divine knowlege. I offer repeated dandavat pranams to the dust of his Lotus Feet..!


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Catering to Samsara, The Shaolin Legacy Kung Fu Musical

The prasadam cooked and offered by Nandanandana prabhu in Hong Kong is so wonderful that even a famous show called: SAMSARA The Shaolin Legacy Kung Fu Musical hired him to cater to the actors and staff. 

That musical performance was on a world tour and Hong Kong was their 1st show. http://www.womhk.com/


Hare Krsna,

Dandavats everyone. All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga.

Syamarani didi and I just wanted to say that we just spent almost a week in the Hong Kong temple and Nandanandana prabhu and Madhavi didi are the most ideal couple - working together to serve the devotees, traveling preachers, and public through their catering events. It is really inspiring to be there and to experience their caring and welcoming mood.

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Created: Mar 30 2010