Houston Spanish preaching project

A weekly event to give access to the spanish speaking community in Houston the teachings, philosophy, culture, and practice of Bhakti Yoga

Our goal is to increase the congregation in Houston of spanish speaking people and bring them to the lotus feet our our Srila Gurdeva.  There is a need to create a separate program from the existing weekly sat-sanga held every Sunday with the Houston congregation since we meet many people who are interested and simply do not speak english (or Hindi).   To show them the philosophy along with delicious prasadam to help them give up meat, we study the scriptures of Srila Gurudeva translated into Spanish and distribute sumptuous Latin American prasadam to the best of our ability.  The program takes place every Friday at 6pm at 1200 Blalock rd. Ste 205, Houston, TX 77055  

Our Needs

1. Spanish books 2. Any lectures translated into Spanish 3. Coloring books in spanish for kids

How You can Participate

Donations toward purchasing material in spanish are welcome. Also any ideas for improving and developing a cultural program tailored to the hispanic community are welcome.

Group details


Created: Jan 22 2010