Jagannath Puri oriya GVP Seva team

we are try to publish here in orissa , srila gurudeva books in oriya language , free book distribution in ratha yatra time & other bookfairs.

This is Srila gurudeva's temple & preaching centre in puri ( Jay sri Damodar gaudiya math) , staying here 10 bramhachari and one sanyasi ( BV. Bharati MHJ) .  we are here try to publish Srila gurudeva's oriya books , try to distribute those  as less price as possible to peoples. By the mercy of srila gurudeva we achieve lot of successful preaching program all gurudeva's oriya book.

In every ratha yatra we are opening here public book stall near gundicha temple for 10 days . 

In Orissa happen so many book fair in different place in different time , so we are now continuing in Bhubaneswar and puri . and looking forward to other citys this year .

We are going for peaching in small citys & villages & house  programs, we make book table in preaching time .

We are give one small book free if some one buy any one book of Srila Gurudeva. That's why many people during book fair and ratha yatra show their interest buying many books.

There is many book shops in Bhubaneswar and puri , especially in side the jagannath's temple where our Srila gurudeva's book available, and we are give them commission on the selling price. The motto is to send Srila Gurudeva's book in every house in Orissa. That's why we are try our lavel best .



Our Needs

Sponsorship for Srila gurudeva’s oriya language books. free book distribution .10 books are realised & soon 3 books going to publishing.

How You can Participate

plz u can contact spd bansibadan prabhu and spd Madhumangal prabhu with damodarmath@gmail.com for more details to participate in oriya publication

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Created: May 31 2010