krishna kripa in madhya pradesh

for telling the peoples of m.p abouy the glories of gaudiya vaishnava culture and shri krishna and chaitanya mahaprabhu

our mission is to take back all the humanity to the godhead , and tell the importance of devotion to shri krishna to every one , we help the peole to know about krishna katha such as bhagvadgita and shri mad bhagvatam . to make understand people about the glories of lord krishna and to make krishna consciousness above of all worship methods , to preach the chaitanya mahaprabhu's message of chanting hare krishna through out the world.


Our Needs

we need a strong desire to serve shri krsna and can do everything for shri krishna .Everyone who loves krishna can participate

How You can Participate

you need just true affection towards shri krishna and vaishnavas

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Created: Jan 14 2010