Library Seva-Project

To make Srila Gurudeva's books available in libraries around the entire world

To place the glorious, transcendental literature of our Srila Gurudeva, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja in all libraries around-the-world. This includes libraries of any type - schools, colleges, Universities, hospitals, public, private ,etc...

How You can Participate

You can contact the main public and private library, University libraries, Hospital libraries or any other library you know of in your city, state and country and tell them we can donate (as we have sponsors) beautiful literature from the Vedas written by Srila Gurudeva. Or, you can donate towards the boos so others can place books in libraries.

Books Reach Pakistan Library

A few months ago, the GVP book sponsorship program sent books from India to Pakistan upon their request to put books in a library in the Sindh flood district.

They wrote,

Glorious Beginning of the Library Program in the UK

by Vrndavani dasi


I found the reports from the Vrndavana ladies to be very inspiring. They are putting so much effort into it, travelling on trains , carts etc. with boxes of books to carry for distribution – with no consideration of personal comfort.

Delhi Library Distribution

by Manimati dasi

After reading the report on the Pakistan library receiving books (, I decided I wanted to do something in India. After having thought about distributing books for years, I could not find the right channel for me, adapted to my life.

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Created: Nov 19 2009