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New Zealand prasadam distribution team

Written by Bela dasi (New Zealand) Besides our family members who are often on board at the festivals, some of the girls and boys who help us are 2nd generation devotees, others are young people who are open and eager to learn more about the Hare Krsna philosophy, and all of them love the One Love food, vibes and spirit. All of them know and can see that we offer the foodstuffs (with tulsi leaves) to the Lords, Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai, who are always on tour with us. We explain our friends that most important is to give out sanctified and pure food that will uplift every body's consciousness. More and more festival goers and event organizers know that we are followers of the Hare Krsna philosophy, but a bit different i.e. easy to approach, to talk to. They are happy to see us at every event, praise the food and are left with a samskara that there is something about the One Love message of the Hare Krsna philosophy.

Each year we want to present more of Sri Mahaprabhu's message of love, introducing more philosophical aspects besides the distribution of prasad. I hope this gives you some insight of what we do - by the mercy of Sri Guru and Gauranga only. Otherwise all the effort would be

Members: Dhurva dasa, Bela dasi, Narayana dasa, Bhadra dasi

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Dhruva and Bela
Created: Jul 24 2009