Shekinashramin Glastonbury UK

Shekinashram is a Holistic Retreat Centre run by Srila Gurudeva's devotees.

Shekinashram is an ashram style holistic retreat centre that has been operational for 7 years.  Whilst the project is solely focused on deepening in Radha Krsna bhakti, and aspires to proliferate the teachings of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, our mood is to maintain a welcoming openness, and non-judgemental allowance of others practising alternative traditions without compromising our own values or practices.

We aspire to in some way demonstrate the simple beauty and humility of the vaisnava path, as given by our Srila Gurudeva and the acaryas of our parampara, by focusing on cultivating relationship through offering service with love and affection.  We aspire to create a devotional environment that is naturally attractive to those who wish to enter or deepen in spiritual life.

We have been fortunate to have hosted and developed many programmes over the years including those with our travelling sanyassis, preachers and kirtan wallahs.   We have an ongoing prasadam distribution programme operating in the local community, a short term residential seva exchange programme lasting one or two weeks and where possible we try to support vaisnava initiatives.

Generally there are four longer-term residents and opportunities for other possibilities of engagement.  We are the sister project of Eco-Bhakti Aldea in Villa Alpina, Cordoba, Argentina.

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Kesava Das (Elahn):
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Our Needs

We are occasionally looking for practically minded responsible devotees who want to develop sadhana and seva experience whilst living in a devotional environment. We are particularly looking for devotees who are able to run the project on our behalf duri

How You can Participate

Devotees are always welcome to visit, and can stay either to simply take a break in a devotional atmosphere as paying guests, or participate on our Karma Yoga Retreat Programme, which is a one or two week low cost residential programme (£50 per week). This programme primarily functions as an introduction to ashram life and allows the opportunity to live and work alongside us, in our own small way attempting to serve Srila Gurudeva's mission proliferating the teachings of pure bhakti yoga. After this there are sometimes possibilities to stay longer if devotees are in harmony with the general workings and atmosphere of the ashram and if we have availability.

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Created: Jun 26 2010