Sri Rupa Raghunatha Ashram in Salt Lake City, Utah

Under the guidance of our beloved Srila Gurudev a center for the dissemination of Bhakti Yoga is being formed in Salt Lake City.

The Sri Rupa Raghunatha Ashram will be a place for all who seek Krishna and spiritual life to feel included and loved for who they are. This will be a place for the community to join together in celebration of our beloved Spiritual Master and his mission to spread Krishna Consciousness to everyone.

We are forming a Seva Team at this time and eagerly accept all who would like to help in some way with open arms.  Currently we are planning a small festival this summer and hope to have some special guests from LA. Plans for regular public classes on Bhakti Yoga, Yoga, Meditation, Karma, Kirtan are in the works. We are also planning a Book Distribution Program to begin as soon as we have the means to buy books and devotees to help.


 If you have a secret desire to live in picturesque Salt Lake City you are in luck. At this time there is no ashram for those who serve fulltime. If you would like help finding a place to rent we are happy to help you in any way that we can.

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Our Needs

* Seva opportunities and current needs include: * Books * Book & Flier Distributors * Grant Writing * Web Design * Poster & Flyer Design * Musical Instruments: Mrdangas, Kartals, Harmonium * Location to hold classes & progr

How You can Participate

Sri Rupa-Raghunatha Gaudiya Matha needs your help!

Under the guidance of Srila BV Narayan Goswami Maharaj we are creating a Sangha where all can feel loved and valued. With many opportunities to allow their Bhakti to flourish.

The Sri Rupa-Raghunatha Gaudiya Math needs your help to Purchase a Home as we create "Bhakti House". Which will serve as a Center and Ashram. Here we will hold classes and hold weekly programs for all that wish to attend.

Your humble Servants,

News from the Sri Rupa-Raghunatha Gaudiya Matha Bhakti-Yoga Center of Salt Lake City

Please accept my dandavat pranamas. On May 24, 2010, Srila Gurudeva gave his heartly blessings for the creation of a sangha and center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Before approaching Srila Gurudeva to ask his permission and blessings for this endeavor, we thought long and hard about the responsibilities we would be taking on and the goals we would be working towards. Given that there are only three of us here, we realized we had our work cut out for us- but something quite miraculous has taken place which I would like to share with you in this brief letter.

Utah Distribution Slideshow

Gaudiya Vedanta Publications made a very generous donation of introductory books (‘The Way of Love’, ‘Beyond Liberation’, ‘Siva-Tattva’, and ‘Secrets of the Undiscovered Self’) which we used to create a book table at our weekly program. We were also able to purchase several varieties of incense at wholesale prices on ebay, purchase some introductory books at discounted rates by Srila Swami Maharaja (‘On Chanting Hare Krishna’ and ‘Krishna: The Reservoir Of Pleasure’), and had some nice postcard photographs of Sri-Sri Radha-Krishna and Sri-Pancha-Tattva donated from a devotee in New Delhi.

Naming of the Sri Rupa Raghunatha Ashram

On May 24th 2010, Srila Gurudev gave his heartly blessings and a name for a future center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The name Srila Gurudev has given is “Sri Rupa Raghunatha Ashram”. What a great blessing this is to the people of Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah is a very beautiful city nestled at the foot of majestic mountains. It is minutes away from World Class Ski Resorts and filled with spiritually minded people who are ripe to share Srila Gurudev’s mercy with.

Aspiring for the service of Sri Guru and Vaishnavas,

Bhavesh Das

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Bhavesh Das
Created: May 26 2010